If you have had shingles pain for

Less than 3 days? 

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See your doctor, go to an Urgent Care Center or go to the ER immediately if you suspect shingles. Your doctor probably will start treatment with antiviral medicines. If you begin medicines within the first 3 days of seeing the shingles rash , you have a lower chance of having later problems, such as postherpetic neuralgia (weeks, months or years of chronic persisting pain).

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If you have had shingles pain for


LESS Than 30 Days?

Shingles Treatment

It is generally recognized that B-complex vitamins are essential for healing the nervous system. Since shingles involves damage to the nerves B Vitamins must be a part of any management program.

One of the most common supplements used to treat nerve tissue and myelin sheath problems is vitamin B-12. Though B-12 injections are effective, you may find it convenient to take it in sublingual form.

Methylcobalamin Sublingually

Take 5,000 micrograms of methylcobalamin sublingually, daily for 30 days. You may extend this to 60 days or longer if needed.


Complement with Thiamine 100mg daily

If you have had shingles pain for


MORE Than 30 Days?



Many people are experiencing immediate, temporary relief with PainBreak®, but for others, the relief is more gradual. As you well know, Postherpetic Neuralgia – PHN pain is especially difficult to treat, and here’s why:

Your nerves have been damaged by the Varicella-Zoster viruses.

The viruses have set up a chronic infection state in your tissues and nerves, preventing complete healing from taking place. Individual responses to various forms of treatment vary widely.

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