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Post Herpetic Neuralgia Meditation Post Herpetic Neuralgia Treatment Series What is Meditations? Meditation can be broadly defined as any technique or activity that calms the mind and helps it to focus on the present or on a future desired state of existence. Do you recall hearing the advice, “if you get angry, count to ten before saying anything”? Well, this is a form of meditation… counting to ten and staying in the present. Focusing on the numbers for only a few seconds may reduce the heart rate and allow the person to express themselves in a more coherent manner....

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Heat and Cold Therapy For PHN

Heat and Cold Therapy for PHN Post Herpetic Neuralgia Treatment Series One of Many Pain Management Techniques Pain-control methods can be simple or very complex. They can be self taught or applied only by a skilled physician in the operating room. They can be physical or they can be mental. In other words, there is no one way to characterize pain management. Moreover, some of the simplest methods can often be the most effective. Hot and cold packs are simple-to-use pain control devices that have been used for many years. They can provide immediate relief from pain and may...

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Suspect Shingles?

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